Ambit Energy L.P. Opportunity


What is Ambit Energy L.P.?  Ambit Energy, headquartered in Dallas, Texas is a USA owned company founded in 2006 by Jere Thompson, Jr and Chris Chambless. In the spring of 2006 Jere and Chris were discussing energy deregulation and saw the opportunity to provide affordable electricity and gas to consumers.  They went to work immediately, setting… Read More »

Best Review of Wealthy Affiliate – 2014

The Wealthy Affiliate Community Are you looking for a community where you can develop your skills in the Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship? Are you analyzing communities and becoming totally confused on which one, if any, to join. Late last year I was in your position. I had researched so many companies that my head was… Read More »

Thirty-One Gifts Opportunity Review

What is Thirty-One Gifts, LLC? Thirty-One Gifts, headquartered in Johnstown, Ohio, is a USA owned company founded in 2003. Their original goal was to give women an opportunity to own their own business. The company’s product line is based on home organization products and includes a wide variety of tote bags and organizing bins for… Read More »

10 Reasons to Buy Chromecast

What is Chromecast? Chromecast is a new digital media streaming device developed by Google. The device is a small dongle (about 3 inches in size) that streams audio and/or video content via your WiFi connection. The content is initiated, or CAST, from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  We have purchased one of these little devices… Read More »

Passive Versus Active Income

What is Residual Income (Passive Income)?   If you look up ‘residual income’ in Wikipedia you will be redirected to the term ‘passive income’ which is a more accurate term for the discussion below.   Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. This differs greatly from… Read More »